Court Postpones Decision About Civil Service Dispute

City Worker's Job Security In Lawsuit Limbo

April 07, 1991|By Paul Shread | Paul Shread,Staff writer

An Annapolis city employee will have to wait another month to learn whether she can keep her job.

A county Circuit Court trial in the case of Pamela Sue Baker was postponed Friday so lawyers on both sides can have more time to prepare. Judge Martin A. Wolff said Baker maykeep her job until the trial date, which will be set this week.

In November, Baker left her job of 13 years with Annapolis Boat Shows for a job in the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department.

Informed in February that she would have to leave the job so someone who was already a city employee could have it, Baker sued.

City Attorney Jonathan Hodgson said city law requires that a civil service job must first be offered to qualified people already in city civil service jobs.

Recreation and Parks Director Richard Callahan hired Baker Oct. 23. After giving Annapolis Boat Shows two weeks' notice, shestarted work Nov. 7.

After Baker was hired, Sandra Doney, a city employee who had qualified for the job, filed an appeal with the city's civil service board, saying the job should have been given to someone already employed by the city.

On Feb. 19, the civil service board ruled that a civil service employee should be hired in place of Baker.

Baker's lawyer, Frederick Sussman, a former city attorney, said the civil service board had no jurisdiction to get involved in the case, a charge Hodgson denies.

In a document filed in Circuit Court Friday, Sussman cited cases where department heads hired non-cityemployees to fill civil service jobs, despite civil service employees who qualified.

Doney and Callahan have retained their own lawyers in the case. Doney has hired Gary Elson, and Callahan has retained Steve Resnick.

Baker wants to keep her job, and also has asked thecourt to make the city pay her court costs and legal fees.

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