Police Beat

Police Beat

April 07, 1991

Boy,6, recovering after dog bite to eye

A 6-year-old Pasadena boy is home recovering this weekend after being bitten in the eye by a neighbors Great Dane late Wednesday afternoon.

James Banks. of the 8000 block Long Hill Road, required plastic surgery after the attack. but was released from the Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore Thursday, his uncle said.

"He's doing pretty good," said the uncle, Darrin Taylor. "It was very serious. We are very lucky."

Police say the dog bit James in the right eye. removing 80 percent of the tissue. Taylor said the boy never lost his eyesight.

A police report said James was teasing the year-old dog. which was in a pen next door, when the dog jumped a fence. Taylor said neighborhood children play with the dog all the time and no child has been bitten before.

"He was with his aunt," Taylor said. "He was headed to a friend's house to have pizza. They were out playing in the yard... the dog has grabbed other kids, putting his mouth over their heads and not meant any harm at all."

But he said Wednesday was the first time James had ever tried to imitate those actions. "James got scared because he had never played with the dog." Taylor said. "The dog's teeth got into his eye. It wasn't like a bite, it was more like a rip. Both got nervous."

Taylor said the dog's owner, identified by police as David Grrifen. is a family friend. He said Griffen put up a higher fence after the incident. Griffen could not be reached for comment. Police said no legal action will be taken against the owner The dog had proper vaccinations

Guns recovered following burglary

Todd Scheminant was pulling into his driveway late Thursday morning just as two thieves were driving away with some of his belongings.

Scheminant. of the 1500 block of St. Margarets Road, Annapolis. was arriving at about 11:46 a.m. when he saw a strange car leaving his driveway. He checked his house and found it had been burglarized. Several guns were missing.

He immediately called police. who recovered his possessions and arrested two people on breaking and entering charges.

Police say they got a tip that the car had been abandoned behind the Severna Park Mall. Martin Henry Rogers IV, 18. of the 900 block Marine Drive. Arnold. was charged with breaking and entering and possession of a handgun. A 15-year-old youth also was charged with breaking and entering.

Assault, robbery of man investigated

Police are investigating the assault and possible robbery of a Brooklyn Park man who was found Thursday on the floor of his apartment in the 400 block of Church St.

Richard Harrington, 65. was listed in stable condition yesterday at Harbor Hospital. Charges are pending against a 30-year-old suspect.

Police say they arrived at the apartment at about 4:05 p.m. They say Harrington apparently became involved in an argument with another man, who "possibly struck [him] in the head with a heavy ceramic lamp."

The police report says Harrington sustained a severe cut on his head. Police said they were unable to determine if any money had been taken.

Crownsville: 1100 block Sunrise Beach Road, April 3; entry gained through side door of home. Gun collection, including a 1944 Colt and lthica .45-caliber war weapon, and jewelry taken. Total loss: $15,000

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