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April 07, 1991|By A. M. Chaplin

THE 1990-91 CORE CURRICU- lum at the National War College at Fort McNair in Washington concentrates on national security policy and military strategy. It is broken down into courses on statecraft, on the art of war, and on both the domestic and geostrategic context of national security decision-making.

Defense policy and strategy are studied through exercises and simulations, such as the "Counterterrorism Simulation" or the "Strategy and Resources Exercise." In addition, all military students at the NWC must study joint matters from a basic framework to the operational level.

Electives -- students take at least six -- range from defense policy to domestic policy-making. Class titles from the 1990-91 catalog include the following:

*"Insurgency and Revolution"

*"The Role of Arms Control in National Security Policy"

*"Soviet Military Doctrine, Strategy, and Operational Art"

*"The American Civil War"

*"Contemporary Middle East and North Africa: Socio-Politica Context"

*"Defense and Politics of Western Europe"

*"National Security Memoirs"

L *"Intelligence Community Support to National Security"

*"Information, the Media and National Security"

L *"Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and National Security"

*"The Politics of the Budget"

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