Accidental Atmosphere


April 07, 1991|By Yolanda Garfield

Designers claim that at times, the best design (like the best art) is partially the result of a happy visual accident -- the unexpected red, the surprising -- of blue. In this Baltimore County home, the "happy accident" is the atmosphere itself. There is such an air of contentment in the rooms that even the brief visitor experiences the urge to linger. Such an atmosphere is the result of an unexpected blend: a harmonious convergence of the human element with nature.

The owners chose to furnish the modern ranch home with a mix of functional art/occasional pieces and contemporary upholstered furniture. Since this is a family home, pieces were selected for comfort and practicality. As a result, upholstery is neutral yet tough, while the furniture is scaled so that people are not crowded out of the room. Here, the stone fireplace provides a fine counterpoint to the pale neutral room colors.

Passionate collectors of Southwestern art, the owners selected photos and paintings depicting Southwestern themes for display the living room. Plants thrive in the sunshine that pours through the window walls for much of the day, creating moving shadows that play against the colors in the room. The result is a design that celebrates a human realm elevated beyond beauty by sunlight.

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