From The Sun April 7-13, 1841April 8: During the winter we...


April 07, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 7-13, 1841

April 8: During the winter we had frequent occasion to complain of some of the soldiers of Fort McHenry ranging the city in a state of intoxication. To the disgrace of their noble profession, they have often been found lying drunk in the street.

From The Sun April 7-13, 1891

April 7: The man with the heaviest overcoat was the envy of all the other spectators in the half-frozen crowd which watched the Orioles defeat the Washington club yesterday afternoon by a score of 16 to 7.

April 13: The warm, bright weather yesterday attracted large numbers of persons out of doors, and Baltimore Street, Charles Street, Eutaw Place and Broadway and Fulton Avenue were thronged with promenaders.

From The Sun April 7-13, 1941

fTC April 9: Construction of an Atlantic coastal highway connecting New England with the South and by-passing Baltimore and other seaboard cities is recommended in a report issued yesterday by the National Resources Planning Board.

April 10: Herman M. Moser, parole director, late today took under consideration the parole application of Walter Socolow, serving a life term for the first-degree murder of William Norris, Baltimore contractor, in 1922.

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