Marshall shows judicious restraint

April 07, 1991|By Susan Baer

When a screening of "Separate But Equal" was held at the American Film Institute in Washington several weeks ago, the film's central character, NAACP counsel-turned-Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, was among the dignitaries in the audience.

Although his presence alone at this event was most atypical, the 82-year-old justice, surrounded by family and friends, responded questions about the film with typical judicious restraint.

A phone call to his chambers last week drew similar reticence. "I thought it was a great movie -- and that's the end of the story," said the justice.

After a series of questions met with a series of "no comments," Justice Marshall restated his position. "It was a good movie. Anything else you want to know, 'no comment.' "

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