Out of the ordinary Architect strives to build more than just a box

April 07, 1991|By Pat Emory | Pat Emory,Special to The Sun

CENTREVILLE -- Visitors to Gregory D. Torchio's office confront the wise face of a Great Horned Owl: the roof pitches sharply down the front of the building toward an imaginary bill, and the side walls, which angle back, have eye-like windows that stare down at you.

He even had some fun with curves and color schemes when he

was asked to design an entrance for an existing steel-frame, industrial building.

Currently he is designing a two-level driving range for the East Potomac Golf Course in Washington.

"It's a pretty exciting project," said Mr. Torchio. "What I like about it is it's buildings based around games, which gives me a good reason to have fun. I'd like to pursue more recreational architecture."

The one thing he won't design is a simple, rectangular building.

He said, "It's the idea that if you're going to be out there with a hammer and saw and a pile of wood, you can make more than just a box."

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