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April 06, 1991

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The writer is president of Liberty Road Community Council.

Killing Is Killing

Editor: Since ''Og'' first threw a rock and killed ''Ug,'' the human race has been preoccupied with killing one another. We do it in our homes, on our streets and on battlefields. We expend much of our time, talent and treasure in devising more efficient ways to destroy life.

In ''Ends and Means,'' Aldous Huxley presents the moral principle that ''the ends cannot justify the means for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determines the nature of the ends produced.''

It matters not if the killing be legal, as in the case of war, or illegal, as in the case of murder. Hatreds become intensified, revenge will be extracted and the seeds for future killings will be sown.

It was Albert Schweitzer, the great humanitarian, who described man as ''a clever animal who behaves like an imbecile.''

J. Bernard Hihn.



Editor: The streets of our urban areas are filled with angry young men who have no jobs, no future.

Why doesn't the president appoint Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf (or someone with equal charisma) to set up a Civilian Conservation Corps or a Job Corps before the whole situation explodes? The men need jobs and our ecology needs attention.

I have stayed in a West Virginia park that was created by the C.C.C. and it is a very fine place. All it takes is good leadership to pull it together.

Jane Swope.


Real World

Editor: The article by Theo Lippman Jr. suggesting that we increase the number of members in the House of Representatives to 1,000 makes good sense in theory. No one can argue with the proposed improvement of less constituents per representative, and the savings that taxpayers would reap with reduced staffs from 18 to 3, but given the opportunity, how long do we think that the 1,000 members would be satisfied with only three staff members each?

If 435 members can't control spending . . . why would 1,000 members do any better?

In an ideal world of every congressional member's being a frugal representative, Mr. Lippman's idea has merit. But this is the real world.

Mr. Lippman, how about the U.S. senators? Unlimited number of terms at six years each term -- no accounting to the state legislatures as our Founding Fathers intended. They need reform!

$ J. Douglas Parran. St. Leonard.

Kuwaiti Screens

Editor: Is it possible while in Kuwait our beloved governor advised the emir on the refurbishing of his palace? Complete with painted screens?

Arthur J. Gutman.


Cartoon a Threat

Editor: The editorial page cartoon depicting assault weapon owners as murderers is an insult to law-abiding citizens that own assault weapons. How would your newspaper react if the gun owners published a cartoon depicting all newspaper editors as murderers?

Your cartoon further indicates that assault weapon owners have a total disregard for human life, and we respond to disagreement with acts of violence. Your attitude is typical of people who don't understand the rights of citizens to own weapons is not a crime. Moreover, you constantly print articles indicating all law-abiding citizens should bow to your position of unfair gun laws.

This cartoon represents more of a threat to our free society than all assault weapon owners combined, as you attempt to control and manipulate public opinion to your slanted viewpoint. Your crime of denying freedom of owning an assault weapon represents more of a threat to our freedom and society than all crimes you associate with assault weapons. The only "crime" committed by gun owners is the crime of disagreement with your viewpoint.

If the government attempted to suppress your right of free press, your paper would scream that your rights are being abridged. However, when a gun owner attempts to enjoy the rights to own a weapon, your position becomes totally opposite.

Gun owners should have the same rights guaranteed by the Constitution as the press enjoys every day when you print any article to justify your paper's viewpoint. Would you accept introduction and passage of legislation to restrict your freedom to print any news/or editorials you deem correct? But your newspaper constantly expects gun owners to enjoy less freedom.

Wayne J. Calvert. Perryville.

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