Cooper denies family is 'hiding'

April 05, 1991|By Sandra McKee

Blast coach Kenny Cooper reacted angrily to a story in yesterday's editions of The Sun, which reported that he had sent his wife and children to Dallas to escape fan criticism.

"I'm embarrassed by it," said Cooper. "I thought I was reading the National Enquirer . . . I want it made quite clear my wife is not in seclusion or hiding. She's on vacation and they'll be back for the playoffs."

Cooper said his wife, Irene, and their four children made their annual trip to Dallas for their traditional family Easter reunion.

"They go every year at Easter to get together with Irene's family and to check on some property we own there," Cooper said. "They would have been back for [tonight's] game, but since we have to go out of town to play in Cleveland Saturday, I told them they might as well enjoy themselves and come back next week."

Cooper went on to say that the Blast's 20-28 season has been difficult for his family, because they want him to have success.

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