Stabbing Victim's Brother Gave First Aid -- To Suspect

April 05, 1991|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,Staff writer

Less than 15 minutes after his sister was nearly stabbed to death while using a Gambrills tanning salon, paramedic Marty Moran was driving the man charged with attacking her to the hospital.

The 19-year-old volunteer thought he was responding to the aftermath of a domestic dispute Tuesday. He had no idea his sister was being attended to across the street at the Hopkins Place Shopping Center. The suspect wasstabbed during the incident.

"The story we had was a boyfriend-girlfriend dispute," Moran saidyesterday. "We transported him to the hospital, and when we got there, we got a call to return to headquarters.

"That's when they toldus what happened," he said. "It hit me like a ton of bricks. It really bothered me thinking how I helped this man who did this to my sister. But that's what I've been trained to do."

Compounding the irony, Moran's partner on the call was John McIntire, the woman's estranged husband. The couple, who have a 3-year-old son, are legally separated.

Michele McIntire, 23, of the 2000 block of Jason Court in Crofton was stabbed repeatedly Tuesday evening while she was getting a tan in the Sun Seekers Tanning Salon, off Johns Hopkins Road in Gambrills.

Police say a man with a butcher knife walked into the salon through an open back door at 6:20 p.m. and tried to open each of the nine tanning booths, all of which were occupied. He found the last booth unlocked, pulled up the top of the tanning bed and stabbed McIntire in her arms, neck and chest.

Two salon employees and others chased the suspect from the shopping center, across both lanes of Route 3and to a go-kart track, where he was arrested by county police.

Ray McDonald Hoggard Jr., 24, of the 1200 block Washington Street in Annapolis, was charged with assault with intent to murder. Police say he may have been stabbed during the scuffle with Michele McIntire.

He was taken by ambulance to Prince George's Hospital Center, where he was upgraded from critical to guarded condition yesterday.

Michele McIntire was flown to Maryland Shock Trauma Center at University Hospital in Baltimore. Her condition was upgraded yesterday from critical to critical but stable.

"She was conscious when the paramedics first arrived," McIntire's mother, Kathy Moran, said. "She knew herbrother was at the station. She was saying, 'Don't send Marty here.'"

McIntire's father, David Moran, said he was driving home Tuesday evening when he passed a fire engine and an ambulance headed down Route 424. When he got home, a neighbor told him his daughter had beenburned while tanning.

They passed the salon while driving to a nearby fire station. "There were too many police cars out front," he said. "That's when I started to get nervous."

Kathy Moran said her daughter had called her grandmother -- who was taking care of her son,John -- at about 6 p.m. and said she would be home right after she picked up some groceries. "She must have stopped off to go tanning for15 minutes," she said. "She had just renewed her membership on Friday."

"It's going to be a long road back," McIntire's father, David Moran, said. She was in surgery Wednesday, when doctors worked on herarms and scalp and repaired a severed artery in her chest, he said.

Moran said his daughter -- who works as a medical assistant -- spoke her first words Wednesday. "She's not asking, 'Why me?' She's mad," he said.

The father said he will always be grateful for the people who chased the suspect. "They just had enough of all this crime,"he said. "They knew he had a knife, but he could have had a gun."

In 1984, Hoggard pleaded guilty to breaking into a home, holding a woman at knifepoint and threatening to rape her, court records show. He was released on parole Oct. 17 from the Maryland Correctional Institute in Hagerstown after serving five years of a 10-year sentence.

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