Stolen Police Car Found Safe, Sound

Police beat

April 05, 1991

It wasn't much of a joy ride, but then there aren't many places you can take a car with county seals, roof lights and big, black numbers on the front and back.

Car 016, a county patrol car stolen from the front of an officer's home Wednesday night or Thursday morning, wasfound yesterday in a nearby development.

Police spokesman V. Richard Molloy said the car was undamaged, but the radio, a spare set of keys and a night stick were missing. He said the cruiser had been driven less than 10 miles.

Molloy said Officer Sef Martinez had parked the 1991 Ford LTD in front of his home in Revell Downs, off Route 50 near the Bay Bridge. He said the car was locked.

Overnight, someone apparently hot-wired the cruiser and drove off. "When he got up in the morning, it was gone," Molloy said.

There were no weapons inside and the radio was disabled from police headquarters, preventing the suspect from making any broadcasts.

Molloy said the car was found parked by town houses in the 500 block of Fawns Walk, in Woods Landing near Cape St. Claire. He said residents told police the cruiser had been there since 5:30 a.m.


A Pasadena man was arrested Wednesday afternoon after police said he committed lewd sexual behavior in Friendship Park in Glen Burnie.

Police say a man approached an undercover police officer in the woods and asked the officer to join in a sexual act.

Peter Martin Halstad, 36, was charged with soliciting for the purpose of lewdness.


A gunman robbed a Severn convenience store Wednesday night, getting awaywith an undetermined amount of money.

Police say the man, with a gun tucked into his waistband, walked into a High's in the 2600 blockAnnapolis Road at about 9:55 p.m. and ordered the clerk to give him money from the cash register.

After getting the money, the man ranout of the store. He is described as a white male, 5 feet 10 inches tall, medium build with curly brown hair to the collar. He had a brown mustache and was wearing a blue and white flannel jacket and faded blue jeans.


A Severn woman has been charged with leaving her children unattended after they started a fire in their Pioneer City town house yesterday.

Michele Williams of the 1700 block Richfield Drive, was charged after firefighterswere called to her home at about 8:45 a.m. and found the house almost completely engulfed in flames, said fire department spokesman Capt.Gary Sheckells.

Sheckells said her two boys, 3- and 4-years-old, were playing with a lighter and started some trash and the curtains burning.

A neighbor noticed smoke coming from the house and ran in and took the children out, he said.

The children were not injured.

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