Percolating minds want to know . . .

April 05, 1991

Now that we know who killed Laura Palmer, the biggest mystery on TV is: What's going to happen to the flirting neighbors who share a lust for Taster's Choice coffee and, perhaps, each other?

Here's the story thus far: In the first commercial, the woman is having a dinner party and goes to the man's place to borrow some coffee. In the second,one, the woman drops off a jar of the stuff to the man, who is having dinner with another woman!

There's more going on here than coffee: There's a definite chemistry between the elegant, brunet woman and her rather roguish neighbor. Their bantering manner suggests this relationship will percolate into something . . . more.

But what? We won't know until the next episode comes out this fall -- about eight are planned -- but in the meantime, why don't you try your hand at writing the rest of the story?

Send your version of what will happen to: Readers Write, Features Dept., The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278. Or fax it to (301) 783-2519. Include your name and a daytime phone number. We'll print the best of your scenarios April 25.

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