Governor robs Peter to pay PaulThe recent budget request...

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April 04, 1991

Governor robs Peter to pay Paul

The recent budget request made by the governor seems to me to be playing on people's hearts instead of on reality.

Instead of being satisfied with what our legislators consider fair to all, our governor and Charles Benton seem to play on our heartstrings instead of dealing with the real problems. The transfer of money from transportation funds that are already strapped is an example of "robbing Peter to pay Paul."

It doesn't work! Let's cut down on government's cost of operation, i.e. ` employee production, use of government vehicles, the two-hour lunches, liberal leave policies, etc.

Years back, during the gas crunch, it was said that all state and government vehicles were not to exceed 55 mph, and travel was limited. Ever try to keep up with one now? Let government be run like a business. If you can't make ends meet within, cut back, increase productivity from employees.

Everybody is supposedly trying to cut costs and make ends meet except the government. It wants to continue to spend, some of which is good for all, but most of which is good for government. I am an independent businessman in the transportation industry, and I am willing to pay more taxes if the money goes toward our highway industry, not to the light rail or the subway. Let them support themselves, as we have to do.

% William L. V. Colfelt


Not 'occupied'

I am tired of reading media references to the "West Bank" as "occupied territories."

Israel is not occupied territory; it is liberated land. Just as Kuwait was liberated from occupation by Iraq, so Israel has been liberated as a result of various Arab countries attacking it during different periods of its history.

The real name of the Jewish land in question is Judea and Samaria. Nevertheless, the national media as well as popular newspapers and magazines have been brainwashed into always saying "occupied territories," which is an Arab term. However, Jewish roots to the land date back over 3,000 years of the biblical period.

Maybe the question of the Palestinian problem could be settled once and for all if we would deal with this issue from a position of truth. After all, we call Bethlehem by its ancient biblical name, so why not Judea and Samaria? Or should we start calling Bethlehem the "East Bank"?

How can we believe that Israel can give up land for a peace that doesn't even exist between the Arab people themselves? Nevertheless, we still find world leaders making demands on Israel to give up this disputed land for peace when even now, the PLO and Saddam Hussein are still declaring war on Israel, and Syria (Israel's most deadly enemy) continues to support the Palestinians who have hailed Saddam as their hero.

Barbara Bloom

Owings Mills

Needless to say

Your "Blame the judges" editorial (March 20) ripped the Wall Street Journal by stating that it "needless to say, weighed in on the side of the police."

Also, needless to say, the monopolistic Evening Sun weighed in on the side of the criminal.

In this article, you reached the astoundingly stupid conclusion: "Yes, we do indeed have a more humane and civilized society."

Your ivory-tower viewpoint completely ignores the pillage and destruction that occurs daily in America.

ichard Clubman


Test rapists

Recently a member of my immediate family was raped, exposing her to the very real threat of contracting AIDS. Eventually the rapist was caught and found guilty of this and two other rapes in the area. He is now serving a sentence of life plus 30 years.

Under current state law, we are not allowed to find out if this criminal carries the AIDS virus without the criminal's written consent, and it is very infrequent that a rapist does give consent. In other words, even if a rapist has been tested (which this man has not) and the police know if he carries the virus, this information cannot be divulged to the victim.

Here we as a community have a very unjust situation. I understand the need for confidentiality in some cases, but in the case of AIDS and rape, it is my belief that the rapist loses all rights whatsoever the very second he is found guilty of such a crime. After all that I've read about AIDS since this has happened, I have come to understand that time is a very important factor in dealing with the disease ` meaning the earlier my family can find out if the rapist carries the disease, the sooner we can either put our minds to rest or start dealing with the problem, meaning treatment.

After talking to several congressmen and local politicians, my parents were able to get the issue raised at the state level, though nothing ever came of this. I find it sickening to think that there is a proposed law that would demand testing for doctors and physicians, who have virtually no chances of transmitting the AIDS virus to their patients, though they won't consider mandatory testing for a rapist.

It is time for people to demand mandatory AIDS testing for criminals, especially in the case of rape.

Sean P. Treppur


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