Being hip for the homeless

Inside Fashion

April 04, 1991|By Donna Peremes | Donna Peremes,Edited by Catherine Cook

It's cool to care in the '90s, and a hip boutique like Rococo is not going to sit by and watch while everybody else indulges their consciences.

Because it cares too.

In its latest venture, the Pikesville store has come out with a T-shirt emblazoned with an art-deco style graphic "ROCOCO ROCOCO ROCOCO" over a small stick figure and a "Help the Homeless" message.

The brainchild of Rococo owners Ron and Linda Scherr and internationally known California T-shirt designer Michael Cohen, the shirt is available at the store in a wide variety of colors and styles and retails for $29.

The Scherrs, who are longtime vegetarians and animal rights activists, will donate their portion of the profits to organizations dedicated to animal welfare, while Mr. Cohen will give his to charities providing care for homeless families.

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