Feeding a friendship with Italian food


April 03, 1991|By LAURA CHARLES

WHEN ASKED where he'd most like to dine while he's in town over the weekend, actor Vince Gardenia replied, "Sabatino's." Seems Gardenia, who'll be paid a tribute by the Baltimore International Film Festival, is old friends with Sab's co-owner, Vince Culotta, who's donating a party for the occasion.

Meanwhile, film buffs may want to tune into Maryland Public Television to catch the film, "Painting the Town," which was the hit of last year's festival.

The documentary was produced and directed by Amalie R. Rothschild, daughter of local artist/philanthropist Amalie Rothschild, and airs at 10 p.m. Sunday.

TICKETS TO SEE another local filmmaker, John Waters, tomorrow night at the Comedy Factory Outlet are moving at a brisk pace.

HAPPY CAMPERS: A bunch of local celebs will be competing for thechance to win $500 for their favorite cause Saturday as they "Pitch a Tent for Charity" outside the Sunny Surplus in Towson starting at 1 p.m.

The event is one of a series of daylong events that caps off the grand re-opening of the store. Among those slated to "pitch" in are:WPOC-FM's Diane Lyn, WYST-FM's Joe Edwards, WMIX-FM's Mike McCarthy, WBSB-FM's Downtown Billy Brown and WQSR-FM's Jerry O'Brien.

SHORT TAKES: Olympic medalist Dorothy Hamill was spied dining with a group of the Next Ice Age skaters at McHenry's in the Sheraton over the weekend. When asked what the star's menu preference was, a spokesman laughed, "Well, she wasn't on a diet!"

FINALLY, you know spring has sprung when one of Baltimore's landmarks, Obrycki's restaurant on Pratt Street, opens its doors for the season -- which it did yesterday. Owners Rose and Richard Cernak were tickled pink recently when actor Kevin Bacon remarked on national TV what he likes best about Baltimore: "The crabs at Obrycki's." How 'bout dem O's, hon?

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