Reuter"Reuter (REUT, OTC, around $4) -- not to be confused...


April 03, 1991|By Steve Halpern for Knight Ridder.


"Reuter (REUT, OTC, around $4) -- not to be confused with the news service, Reuters Holdings -- is involved in building recycling facilities," says Richard Perkins of Perkins Capital Management.

"Our mistake with this company was investing in it too early.

"One of the major reasons we like this company is its new plant in Broward County, Fla. The plant could generate about $12 million to $14 million in revenues once it's running. This should provide earnings of at least 50 cents per share. "


"IBM (IBM, NYSE, around $112) recently announced that first-quarter earnings would feel the effect of recessionary trends in the United States," says David Aushwitz, of The Primary Trend, Milwaukee.

"In addition, its operations in Europe have been disappointing. The common stock has reacted to the news by dropping 10 percent in value. The company will likely earn $9.50 to $10 per share in 1991 vs. its estimated $10.50 to $11 a share. But we believe the stock continues to represent an attractive investment value."

Conner Peripherals

"Conner Peripherals (CNR, NYSE, around $25) is perhaps the fastest-growing public company in history," says BI Research of Redding, Conn.

"The company -- which holds a dominant share of the market for 3 1/2 -inch and 2 1/2 -inch Winchester disk drives -- has gone from zero sales to $1.3 billion in revenues in just four years.

"For 1991, we estimate $3 per share. As a pure play on an exploding market, we believe we could easily see this stock double over the next two years."


"Comshare (CSRE,OTC, around $20) is a market leader in the decision support systems segment of the computer software industry," says Emerging & Special Situations of New York.

The firm's products increase the accessibility of data to employees by bringing data from many geographical areas . . . together. Current investments in research and marketing should pay off in 1992, when we forecast earnings to climb to $1.80 a share.

"We think the shares offer significant potential for capital appreciation."

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