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April 02, 1991

Experience counts

* I am not in the habit of writing to journalists, but I feel obligated to tell Jim Henneman how much I enjoyed his spring training coverage of the O's. I hope some of his insightfulness and straightforward style rubs off on the younger journalists. His article on Bill Ripken was outstanding and very personal. So many of the younger journalists would write such an article in a "vacuum," telling the reader what he already knows. As an O's fan for more than 50 years, I read everything written on the team daily. When I find an article that is particularly informative, it is invariably Henneman's work. Experience does count!

Bob Hawk


A case of Royal blues

* The Kansas City Star carried a couple of paragraphs of John Steadman's column on Bo Jackson [March 19] and I felt I had to respond. What he wrote was so true.

I have been a Royals fan since 1976 and was absolutely fanatical in my devotion to them, through all the years they lost to the Yankees in the division playoffs; through my year and half at Southeast Missouri State, a single lonely voice in a choir of Cardinal fans; through the horrible World Series against the Phillies; and the blowout of the Cards in the seventh game of the '85 World Series. I moved to Boston the day they signed Bo, and never got the chance to see him play -- except on TV.

Their handling of this whole situation is appalling but not really surprising when you consider how they have treated some of their other players in the past. Dan Quisenberry did so much for them, he was treated disgracefully; as were Al Cowens, Amos Otis, Willie Wilson and Frank White. This last one burns me up the most because he has always been my favorite player. He was beautiful to watch, a true master of his art. And he was a gentleman to the core.

I would love to show my contempt for them by boycotting the upcoming season, but I am already in the third year of a personal boycott of major league baseball, or should I say minor league "businessball." I know my actions are meaningless in the greater scheme of things, but I feel better doing it. At least I can go burn my Royals jacket.

Do the Royals show any appreciation for these people when their usefulness comes to an end? Hell, no! So this latest fiasco is no surprise at all.

Julia Ann Ortega

Kansas City, Kansas

Don't ignore Blast

* My wife and I both like sports, but when it comes to coverage on the Baltimore Blast, there is very little. When the MSL All-Star game was played in Kansas city, there were no Baltimore reporters there. It's a shame that soccer fans don't get the same information as other sports fans do here in Baltimore.

When the Blast plays out of town, we pick up a paper hoping to find a story, but we find four lines in the middle of the sports section if we're lucky. We never know why some player didn't get in the game -- was he sick, hurt, or what? When we pick up the paper, there are all kinds of stories on baseball, right down to what pitcher has a sore thumb. We can read stories on high school baseball and basketball, but not much on soccer.

You can usually find a Blast player at some affair in Baltimore, helping to promote soccer. Very seldom do you see any big baseball player unless it's something to get them media coverage. So, would you please be the first to help us and all

soccer fans and give big full-time coverage to the Blast?

(Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kuklinski


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