Palestinians not forgotten

April 02, 1991|By Al-Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Palestinians will always remain people with a just cause. Hostilities between Israel and the Arabs will not cease unless Arab rights are guaranteed and the conflict is resolved without changing the power balance in the region.

If Israel is the biggest military power in the region now, it will not be able to defeat the Arabs in the long run because time is not in its favor. The Palestinian case must be settled permanently either by durable peace or long-term war. The Palestinians will always be instruments for explosion if their rights are not given back to them and the injustice that has befallen them will always be a point of friction.

The war between the coalition forces and Iraq which has ended the myth of the fourth military power in the world has not dispelled fears of explosion between the Arabs and Israel. The gulf war has proved to the world that Israel was not the "ideal model" for the protection of foreign interests in the Middle East. The war has also proved to the world's countries that their interests lie more with the Arabs than Israel. . . . There will always be fear of war. Fear alone is enough reason for problems and tension.

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