Sin in the suitesGo, thou, and sin no more, a leading...


April 01, 1991

Sin in the suites

Go, thou, and sin no more, a leading turnaround and management consulting firm tells managers.

Morris Anderson & Associates Ltd., the company with the inexplicable dot in its name, has identified what it calls the Five Deadly Sins of Management (no, strange typography is not one of them). According to the company, these are the mistakes managers keep making over and over again as their organizations go down the tubes.

Reflect, Morris Anderson says, on whether you are guilty of any of these sins:

1. Resisting change. Are you flexible and open to new ideas or are you looking for ways to defend the status quo?

2. Not selecting top-quality staff. Are you most comfortable with subordinates whose main strength is taking orders? Do you resent assertive people who challenge your ideas with their own?

3. Converting variable costs to fixed costs. During good times, did you let many formerly optional expenditures become institutionalized?

4. Failing to understand (and know) costs. Do you have systems in place to accurately measure the costs of producing a product or running a business?

5. Losing track of their markets. Are you in touch with the most recent changes in the marketplace?

Clearing the air

The new federal Clean Air act enacted last year may work wonders for the outdoor environment. But it could make the air a lot more murky in the offices of executives who must bring their companies into compliance with the complicated legislation.

These beleaguered souls can get some help, however, from a new handbook published by the law firm Morgan, Lewis and Bockius. "The New Clean Air Act: A Guide to the Clean Air Program as Amended in 1990" is a 100-page primer that breaks down the provisions of the act in layman's terms.

The handbook, authored by Morgan Lewis partners John Quarles and William Lewis, costs $29 for a single copy, with discounts available for bulk orders. To order copies, call Connie Wheeler at the firm's Washington office, (202) 467-7402.

Laws and loans

Businesses that frequently deal with consumer finance issues can find a detailed state-by-state report on lending laws in the American Financial Services Association's "1991 Summary of Consumer Credit Laws and Rates."

Among the topics covered in the 24-page guide: usury laws, revolving-credit laws, loan size limits and rebate policies.

Copies of the report can be obtained by sending $8 ($5 for AFSA members) to AFSA, Central Orders Desk, 919 18th St. N.W., Washington D.C. 20006.

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