Pentagon, Loyola join computer forces


April 01, 1991|By Ted Shelsby

Loyola College and the Department of Defense have teamed up in the establishment of a new campus computer network designed to train future federal government managers to be more computer literate.

The computer network -- expected to eventually provide

telephone and computer connections among all faculty, students and administrators -- is the first step in establishing the Center for Advanced Information and Resource Management Studies, college officials said Wednesday while demonstrating the system.

The center will train current and future federal managers in the areas of resource management and information technology through formal degree programs, workshops, in-service training, lectures and conferences, all supported by the advanced computing and telecommunications equipment.

It will be headed by John McFadden, who currently serves as director of telecommunications and computing services.

The network will make use of a variety of computers including: MacIntosh, IBM and Compaq.

The federal government has nearly 400,000 workers in the Baltimore-Washington area, and Loyola says that more than 80 percent work in the field of information dissemination.

By 2000, it is anticipated that the demand for managers professionally trained in the fields of technology, computer sciences, automated data processing and system management will far exceed the supply of workers able to meet these needs in the federal agencies.

In a ceremony on campus last week, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, D-Md., presented the college with a check for $320,000 representing an installment on two federal grants totaling $6.5 million.

The money is to be used for such things as providing a fiber-optic communications network, an upgrading of the college's mainframe computer and the installation of an advanced telephone switch.

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