Scoreboard ProblemsI have attended all 11 Bullets games in...


March 31, 1991

Scoreboard Problems

I have attended all 11 Bullets games in the Baltimore Arena over the past three years. Mostly, I Have Found The Games Entertaining And Been Surprised How Well Our Former Team has done in its original home.

However, why has the $500,000 scoreboard we paid for four years ago not worked at Bullets games?

The scoreboard was inoperative in two of the four games this season. It was downright disruptive in the Indiana Pacers game Jan. 25 to the point I was surprised the referee did not simply declare unplayable conditions and call the game off. It was turned off at game time March 22, and the game went on using the auxiliary scoreboards, which only give the game time and the score.

When Centre Management took over management of the Baltimore Arena, I looked for better things. I am disappointed.

James D. Brazil


A Buren fan

The gentleman who wrote the letter about John Buren should hang his head in shame. I watch Buren every night on WJZ sports telecast and I think he's tops. Maybe the gentleman who spoke so nastily of him better check himself out.

Mrs. Charles Conway



Buren is the greatest

Yes, he's back, John Buren is the greatest of all-time. He's very enjoyable and pleasant to listen, too. He's a lot of fun and the coolest guy in sports. His warm, loving and caring personality is so wonderful to me. Thank you, John, for bringing so much laughter and exciting times of sports into my life.

Steve Young


Bring back Chris Thomas

Doesn't WJZ-TV's management read The Sun? Are they oblivious to the growing number of uncomplimentary letters regarding its sports anchor, John Buren, who always seems to be auditioning for a gig at Slapstix? There's no room in a seven-minute sportscast for an amateurish stab at stand-up comedy. In a town with a rich history of championship teams, why should we settle for a second-rate sports anchor? Come back to Baltimore, Chris Thomas.

Mitchell E. Cohen

Owings Mills


Redskins to Boston?

Now that Victor Kiam might move the New England Patriots to Baltimore, maybe the Washington Redskins might be interested in moving back to Boston from whence they came.

Bertrank Shannan

Norwood, Mass.

Orioles should back D.C.

I'm writing to urge the Baltimore Orioles' ownership and management to make a clear and unequivocal announcement of support for Washington's bid to be awarded a National League expansion baseball team. I believe it is all to the Orioles' benefit to make this gesture.

A National League team in close proximity to the Orioles will only fuel the interest in major-league baseball, creating new fans who will be eager to attend games in both leagues. The prospect of a team in Washington will create an immediate windfall of new fans in Washington who will be eager to start attending games, and they will do so in Baltimore. Furthermore, the Orioles' new stadium promises to be such an allure and attraction that the Orioles can't really be hurt by a team at RFK Stadium. I predict that the constant hope of a new "subway" series reminiscent of the old Yankees vs. Dodgers World Series will serve to boost attendance at both stadiums.

An Orioles gesture of support would put a stop to the ugly rumors, which the Orioles strenuously deny, that they are working behind the scenes to block Washington's bid for a team. These continuing ugly rumors alienate the Washington-area fan base the Orioles have so assiduously built up, and a gesture of support would greatly solidify and expand the positive feeling for the Orioles in the Washington area.

As a gesture of historical payback, the Orioles should publicly support a team in Washington. It is well to remember that such a gesture by the Washington Senators ownership allowed the Orioles to begin play in Baltimore in 1954.

A strong public statement of support by the Orioles would remove the last major obstacle to National League expansion into Washington and would usher in a golden age of prosperity and popularity for baseball in the Baltimore-Washington area. If Washington is denied a team, many of the Orioles fans in the Washington area will regard the Orioles as the culprit, and the lingering bad feelings will greatly erode the Orioles' prospects // for the future.

Blake Lewis

College Park

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