What Do You Think About Raising Academic Requirements?

March 31, 1991

Carroll County students who wish to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities are allowed one failing grade to remaineligible, but students could get by with one F and 4 Ds under the county policy. Some have suggested a more stringent requirement, such as a 2.0 (C) average, but others have said that if the requirements are too tough, some students will take less difficult courses.

Should the school board adopt tougher academic requirements? What should those requirements be? Should the requirements apply to all extracurricular activities or just athletics?

Please take a few minutes to write down your thoughts on this ballot. Please type or print. You also are invited to attach additional sheets of paper with more detailed comments on the issue.

Mail your comments to: Sports ballot, The Carroll County Sun, 15 E. Main St.,Westminster, Md. 21157-5052; or FAX it to us at

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