Md. among states with increase in price of single-family homes

March 31, 1991

IRVINE, Calif. -- The average sales price of an existing single-family home increased in 37 states last year, according to statistics released last week by Century 21 Real Estate Corp.

Maryland had the nation's 12th-highest rate of appreciation -- 4.5 percent.

Appreciation in 1990 ranged from a high of 22.7 percent in Hawaii to a low of -5.7 percent in New Jersey. Alaska recorded a 20.5 percent appreciation rate in 1990. Oregon, at 12.5 percent, also recorded double-digit appreciation.

States recording more than 3.0 percent depreciation were all in the Northeast. New Jersey at -5.7 percent was followed by New Hampshire at -5.3 percent, Vermont at -4.7 percent, New York and Massachusetts at -4.0 percent and Rhode Island at -3.1 percent.

Three states, in addition to Hawaii, recorded average prices in excess of $150,000. Massachusetts recorded $168,840; California, $166,423; and Connecticut, $152,157. But it's still possible to buy a home for under $50,000 -- Oklahoma's average was $49,828.

The prices are based on data from more than 600,000 buyers and sellers during each annual reporting period.

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