Broadneck Bruins

1991 Anne Arundel County Baseball At A Glance

March 29, 1991

Head coach: Mark Stover (seventh season)

Assistants: Ken Kazmarekand Tim McMullen

1990 record: 11-9

Returnees: Seniors, Johnny Williams (P-IF-OF), Sean Tettemer (C), Brad Reinhart (3B-SS) and Chris Ricks (OF); juniors, Jeff Vincent (SS-P) and Matt Weimer (OF-P).

Newcomers: Senior, D. J. Stinard (UTIL); juniors, Tim Collins (OF-P) and Clif McCLain(OF); sophomore, Cahris Sutch (P).

Coach's outlook: "Every year we're very competitive and we end up just not getting quite enough hits, very similar to what's happened our first two games. But the kids are learning what it takes to get it done and I think in the long runwhen we come down toward the middle and end of the season, having experienced some of these type ballgames, that's going to help us. We've got some experienced players. We've got some kids who are three-sport athletes who went through a real rough stretch in soccer, then made it to the state championship game. A lot of these kids, like Vincent, Weimer, Williams and Tettemer went through soccer, then basketball, and now they're going through baseball. Even though it's a different sport, I think they have gotten to the point where they know what it takes and they've experienced the pressure that they're going to be under in those situations. They know how to handle it."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Broadneck's 0-2 start shouldn't warrant muchconcern. The team will improve as the season progresses, and in the end, it again will be on the threshold of a playoff berth. Place the Bruins in the "second tier," with the other teams that just fall short of Old Mill and Arundel.


Head coach: Elliot Harvey (sixth season)

Assistants: Walt Puller and Rich Terry

1990 record: 4-14

Returnees: Seniors, Chris Botulinski (P-1B), Lance Taylor (1B), Mike Brogden (CF), Quinn Huggins (OF), David Beck (OF-P) andLarry Sancomb (SS).

Newcomers: Juniors, Kevin Powell (OF), Jay Twardowski (C), Danny DuVall (3B) and Ian Taylor (IF).

Coach's outlook: "My main focus this year is to cut down errors, which killed us last year. We also need to start getting the crucial hitting that we missed last season. You put those two factors together, and that's whywe lost so many games last season. It's just our luck that we got placed in the toughest division (Friendship), but anywhere you play in the county is tough. We don't have the best team speed in the world, so hopefully, we'll capitalize on the other team's mistakes. We're going to be depending a lot on the arms of Botulinski and Taylor. If weget the pitching that we need, I think we go at least .500. That's our team's goal this season, to crack .500. We have a good, positive attitude with intentions of winning every game that we play. Hopefully, this attitude will carry us a long way."

Anne Arundel County Sunoutlook: If this past Monday's 6-5 win over a traditionally tough Broadneck nine is any indication, the Mustangs may be one of the dark horses in the 4A league. Meade has a number of natural athletes who might come together as the season wears on. Harvey's prediction of a .500 season may become a reality.


Head coach: Larry Brogden (17th season)

Assistants: Bobby Lamb and Joe Kirby

1990 record: 6-13

Returnees: Seniors, Mark Fearing (P-SS) and DarylFoote (1B-OF); junior, Ty Selby (C); sophomore, Matt Criscimagna (OF).

Newcomers: Seniors, Sean Tipton (P) and Kurt Walhstrom (IF); juniors, Rich Carrion (3B), Anthony Dove (OF), Todd Greene (OF), Caron Johnson (3B-C-P), Brian Roberts (1B), Ryan Kapusta (P), Jason Smith (OF), Robert Rouiselle (OF) and Eric Johnson (C); sophomore, Chad Hartman (2B).

Coach's outlook: "Once again, this will be a rebuilding year for us. I know we're going to lose a few games, but I think we can learn a lot from them. We have some pretty talented athletes on the club, and I know that I'll enjoy working with them throughout the season. This is the most team speed we've had here at Annapolis for a long time, and I'm very impressed with the outfielders. They should be very solid this year. Pitching will be our big question mark because we have several untested arms. Our overall team defense needs to improve as well. I think the key for us will be how long it takes the youngsters on the team to come around. As to how far we'll go, I really don't have an answer."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With 10 juniors -- nine who have no varsity experience -- Brogden finds himself in a tough position this year. It might take most of these playersa while to get untracked, but if they rise to the occasion, the Panthers may have a frightening club next year. As for this year, chancesare they will take their lumps in the rugged 4A League.


Head coach: Bernie Walter (18th season)

Assistants: Nick Jauschnegg and Tut O'Hara

1990 record: 17-5, lost to Old Mill in the region finals

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