No Euphoria on the Euphrates


March 29, 1991|By Joseph Gallagher

For the U.S. and its allies the Gulf War became the euphoria war. ''Eu'' is the Greek word for ''good/well,'' and euphoria is the response to news which is ''well-borne,'' easy to take.

Eugene and eugenics pertain to being well-born in another sense. Euclid means good fame, and Eunice good victory (nike). Eucharist is good charism or favor; a eulogy is a good word; euphemism is good speech which softens a hard word (e.g., ''passing'' for ''death''); euphony a good sound; euthanasia a good death.

The eucalyptus tree has a well-covered flower -- as opposed to an apocalypse (an uncovering or a revelation). The Euphrates is good for crossing. Eupepsia is good digestion (whence ''Pepsi'' cola). A messenger (angel) of good tidings is an eu/angelist, more easily said as evangelist.

The Greek prefix ''dys'' means the opposite of ''eu'' as in, dysentery (bad innards), dyslexia (bad working), dyspepsia (bad digestion), dystrophy (bad nourishment).

The Latin version of ''eu'' is ''bene'' as in benediction, Abenefaction, benefit, and benevolence. The Latin ''dys'' is ''Mal (e)'' as in malefactor, malevolent, malformation, malice, and malpractice.

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