Environmental Fees Eyed

March 27, 1991

A host of proposed fees for environmental reviews of housing and commercial developments are on the table for an April 1 hearing at the County Office Building.

The fees, which would mark the first time the county charged for environmental review services, would bring in about $149,000. The fees include storm water management reviews -- up to $2,500 -- and environmental reviews -- up to $100 an acre for an industrial development of more than 10 acres.

The hearing, slated for 2:15 p.m. April 1 in Room 300A of the County Office building, was originally supposed to concentrate on the proposed rise in the county's landfill dumping, or "tipping," fees. They are slated to at least double from their current $15 a ton level.

But the commissioners want more time to study the tipping fees, which this year include a proposal to replace residential tipping fees with a yearly $47 assessment on homeowners' property tax bills.

Solid waste management is expected to cost the county about $3.9 millionduring the year beginning July 1.

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