Election Law Set

March 27, 1991

WESTMINSTER — The City Council passed the final piece of legislation Monday necessary to empower the mayor to appoint additional election judges to thecity's sole polling location.

The ordinance, passed unanimously at Monday's council meeting, allows Mayor W. Benjamin Brown to add three judges for duty during the May 13 city elections at the Volunteer Fire Company on Main Street. That would bring the total number of judges at the polling place to six.

Earlier this month, the council had passed a required City Charter amendment on the matter.

Also on Monday, the council:

* Introduced a resolution that would provide tax relief for occupants of Ridge Residences, a proposed senior citizen housing project on Bishop Street.

* Introduced a resolution updating the city government's Affirmative Action plan, which required revision because of increases inthe number of city employees.

* Introduced a resolution extendingthe deadline for a council decision on rezoning requests from developer Martin K. P. Hill on land planned for Furnace Hills II residential subdivision.

* Introduced an ordinance to adopt a new edition of the City Code, which was reprinted recently for the first time since the early 1970s.

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