Howard County-iron Bridge Race Meet Results

Run For The Cup

March 27, 1991

These are the winners in Sunday's Iron Bridge Horse Race Meet, whichtook place near Glenelg. It is the first meet for the Governor's Cup.

The Linton Mile (One-Mile Flat)

1. Caveat Fumitor; owned by Phoenix Stables; T.H. Voss, trainer; Rebecca Driver, rider.

2. Political Profit; Ann O'Merrigan; Matt McCarron.

3. Dancin Shoes; Donald Souder; Donald Souder; Julie Robinson.

The Howard County Cup (Three-Mile Timber)

1. Shining Beacon; Sheila Williams; Jack Fischer; Jack Fischer.

2. Pacific Parlay; John D. Schapiro; J.D. Gillet; J.D. Gillet.

3. Aristoskip; R.S. Williams; R.S. Williams; R.S. Williams.

The Meriwether (1 1/4-MileFlat)

1. Val D'Argent; Labadie Mill Farm; Dr. William Wright; J.D. Gillet.

2. Johnny Garland; Jessie M. Henley Jr.; T.H. Voss; Rebecca Driver.

3. Dandy; Sharon B. Clark; Sharon B. Clark; Liz Collard.

Cattail River Pony Races

A. Small

1. Hobby Horse May Fly;Leigh Offutt.

2. Natalie; Kelly Conaway.

3. Gambi; Sabrina Morris.

B. Medium

1. Scuttlebutt; Kevin Selby.

2. Thistledown; Elizabeth Voss.

3. Farnley Whist; Asheley Farland.

C. Large

1. Cindy Lou; Jonathan Kizer.

2. Somerset, Casey Hinsdale.

3. Georgie, Nicole Williams.

The Aldo Clark Challenge Plate (Novice Timber, Three-Miles)

1. Gus's Boy; Sheila Williams; Jack Williams; Jack Williams.

2. Boom Town Bob; M. Thomas and L. Ashbridge; D.M. Smithwick; Mike Elmore.

3. Crowned Monarch; W.B. Santoro; W.B. Santoro; W.B. Santoro.

Owner-Rider Heavyweight Trophy

1. Roman Tent; Schweizer-Jackson Stable; Jacj Fischer; Nick Schweizer.

2. Architecture; Stephen Williams; Stephen Williams; Stephen Williams.

3. First Throne; John Beasley; John Beasley; John Beasley.

The Founders Cup (For Foxhunters)

1. Overall: Manor Maid; Malcolm Commer; Malcolm Commer; Malcolm Commer. He also won the Iron Bridge Trophy for first man over the age of 40 to finish.

1. Lady: Snow Crest; Lisa Reid.

1. Non Thoroughbred: Aldie; Woody Offutt.

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