Volunteers. The people who go about the business of...

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March 27, 1991|By Bonita Formwalt

Volunteers. The people who go about the business of helping others, and get no reward except a thank you and perhaps a parking validation.

There's the woman who spends every Tuesday afternoon shelving books in the school library, fighting the urge to change the Dewey Decimal System to something that makes sense; the man who spends three evenings a week and every Saturday trying to impress upon 8-year-olds that it isn't appropriate to make a beeline directly from home plate to second base, tripping the pitcher as he passes and then attempting to claim a double.

Then there is a group of men and women picking up trash along Ritchie Highway wondering what would possess someone to throw a single shoe out the window of a passing car; the high school student explaining to a group of third-graders that there is no word in the French language for "Cowabunga."


Richard Carter was such a volunteer, and his friends at the Glen Burnie Improvement Associationplan to honor his memory with an award given to a citizen whose civic endeavors have helped the Glen Burnie community.

Nominations arebeing accepted for the Richard Carter Memorial Award. Candidates must be residents of Glen Burnie -- the 21060 and 21061 zip codes. Thereis no age limit, and couples who work together can also be considered.

Anyone wishing to nominate an outstanding citizen should submita brief resume (50 words or less) of the volunteer's activities and contributions to the committee by May 1. Applications will be reviewed by the award committee. The winner will be honored at this year's Memorial Day Parade. The committee will be chaired by Joseph Corcoran and Dick Wengert.

"Dick (Carter) was active in so many projects that no one even knew about," explained Corcoran. "We thought it was a good idea to remember him not only now, but for years to come."

A member of the Glen Burnie Improvement Association for 43 years, Carter passed away last June. He was actively involved in many community projects, including the annual Glen Burnie carnival, the Glen Burnie Volunteer Fire Department and several beautification projects.

Thisspring, bikers and hikers will see the rewards of those efforts when 2,400 tulips bloom along the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail in the heart of Glen Burnie.

Carter also was responsible for the resurrection of the annual Glen Burnie Memorial Day Parade. After an absence of several years, he helped renew the tradition in 1989.

Anyone interested in nominating a local citizen should contact Corcoran at 761-9168 or Wengert at 766-6742 for additional information.


County executive Robert R. Neall will be the guest of honor at the Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce's monthly Thursday Night Tarry. Neall will meet with members from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Rose Restaurant Comfort Inn on Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard in North Linthicum.

The TNT will offer members a chance to meet the county executive and several of his aides while enjoying hors d'oeuvres, wine and coffee. Members will have the opportunity to discuss issues that affect local businesses.

Tickets for the event are $15 and can be reserved by calling Gene Floyd at 766-1130, Mark Baumgardner at 766-8336 or the chamber office at 766-8282.


Science fair alert. The results of Point Pleasant Elementary School's annual sciencefair last week are in. Projects by April Sovay and Stephanie Knight will represent the school in the countywide science fair next month.

Stephanie's project, "What can different foods and drinks do to your teeth?" won first prize at the fourth-grade level. April's projecton paper towels won first prize in fifth grade.

Other winners include:

Kindergarten: Randy Daugherty, first place; Brianna Walter, second; Kristen Anderson, third.

First Grade: Laura Bennett, first; Darla Daugherty, second; Stephanie Robinson, third.

Second Grade: Katie Knight, first; Tommy Redmond, second; Sara Hoffa, third.

Third Grade: Bradley Cary, first; Autumn Hughes, second, Nikki Shibilsky, third.

Fourth Grade: Stephanie Knight, first; Jeff Bennett, second; Keith Davis, third.

Fifth Grade: April Sovay, first; Sarah Meredith, second; Gerald Hart, third.


Alumni of St. Paul's Lutheran School are invited to the school's 40th anniversary dinner dance from 6 to 11 p.m. Saturday, April 6, at the Rose Restaurant in Linthicum. Pastor Ed Nicklas, a former student of St. Paul's, will emcee for the evening.

The deadline for dinner reservations has been extended to tomorrow. Tickets are $22 and include appetizers, a three-entree buffet, dessert and beverages. Dancing will be to the music of the Hi Hatters.

For ticket information, contact Audrey Jurmu at 987-9075 or Carol Schaefer at 987-0742.


Several students from Granite Baptist Church School in Glen Burnie earned first-place ribbonsin the Maryland Association of Christian Schools State Fine Arts andAcademic Competition.

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