Meade Mustangs

1991 Anne Arundel County Softball At A Glance

March 27, 1991

Head coach: Sam Pandullo (sixth season)

Assistants: Molly Wilson and Joyce Wills

1990 record: 4-14

Returnees: Senior, Jen Tomlinson (3B); juniors, Sherri Walker (SS) and Heather Pandullo (C-P); sophomore, Arian Toles (1B).

Newcomers: Senior, Amy Ferrero (2B); juniors, Erica Tonselet (OF), Shannon Hadden (2B), Ann Treese (2B), Genevieve Banks (1B), Crystal Marks (C) and Melissa Bender (1B); sophomores, Kirstin Johnson (P-2B), Laura Clark (OF) and Christina Aqueda (OF).

Coach's outlook: "We're just not ready for the regular season right now. We had two of our scrimmages canceled because of rain, and we just haven'tspent enough practice time on the field. By the time we played Broadneck (this past Monday, a 24-7 loss), we hadn't faced any other pitching except for our own. My first nine (players) aren't bad ballplayers. But what everything boils down to is pitching. Once the ball's in play, we're fine. We only have six years of varsity experience on theentire team, so that shows people how young we are. I wish we could take the first six teams in our league and let them knock heads all season, and leave the rest of us alone."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If it were a perfect world, and Pandullo could make his wish come true, his Mustangs would have a shot at a league title. Unfortunately, his team, along with Annapolis, Queen Anne's and Arundel will have to take its licks. Monday's loss to an average Broadneck club maybe a hint of what's to come for Meade.


Head coach: Don Banks (third season)

Assistants: Bill Zucco and Delbert Hughes

1990 record: 8-10

Returnees: Seniors, Kendra Cameron (1B), Jen Blake (OF) and Nikki Koenig (OF); juniors, Michelle Harrison (SS)and Tara Beauchemin (OF); sophomore, Traci Koenig (P).

Newcomers:Juniors, Pam Phipps (3B), Julie Vermillion (2B), Tina Dill (IF) and Melissa Stacy (DH); sophomores, Heather Daffin (C) and Julie Harmon (P); freshmen, Kim Hamburger (3B), Kim Humelsine (2B), Heidi Motzer (2B) and Loren Bausell (OF).

Coach's outlook: "This year, we're bothyoung and inexperienced. If we reach .500, we'll be lucky. The playoffs look kind of dim right now. We're in the process of rebuilding. We lost a lot of seniors at the key positions. The key will be how fast our younger players can develop. Our defense is average, and hopefully, our offense will come around. If we can put the bat on the ball,we'll stay in a lot of games. We also have to work on our consistency. We have to beat the teams that we're capable of beating, and maybewe'll get lucky and upset a pretty good team. We know where we standso far, and we know what we have to do. I just hope we can hang in there and improve with each game. We have a long way to go. We'll justhave to take things one game at a time."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Banks seems to have a good sense of where his team stands. By holding this attitude, he constantly will test his team to pass hismodest expectations. The Wildcats will have a tough time duplicatinglast year's record.


Head coach: Gloria Day (second season)

Assistant: Corrine Winegrad

1990 record: 0-18

Returnees: Senior, Jodie Smith (SS); sophomore, Leeta White (3B).

Newcomers: Seniors, Ivy Bridgette (IF) and Monica Gimeno (transfer from Germany-OF); juniors, Allison Dacey (1B) and Jennifer Mauch (P); sophomore, Jennifer Enriquez (P); freshmen, Uyen Do (IF), Nikki Finkelstein (C), Tina Goodman (C), Brandie Olinger (CF), Janet Sears (LF) and Jennifer Trumbauer (2B).

Coach's outlook: "We're young, but we're very enthusiastic. I have a very dedicated group of young players to work with. Every day, we're just looking to progress and work on our skills. Hopefully, we'll upset someone. I see lots of potential in this team, and I'm looking forward to the beginning of the season. Just to see the kind of dedication that this bunch shows is great. Theyjust love to practice. Now that we have a JV, things are beginning to look better. Hopefully, it will improve our overall program.

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: A positive attitude starts from the top, and Annapolis is lucky to have a coach with Day's type of optimism.While the addition of a junior varsity is indeed good news for the Panthers, the bad news is that they will continue to bring up the rearin what may be the toughest softball league in the entire state. If Annapolis could show a little muscle at the plate, it may be able to sneak up on an unsuspecting foe.


Head coach: Sue Fitchett (first season)

Assistants: C. J. Holler and Joe Kisser

1990 record: Brooklyn Park was 16-7, Class 1A state champions; Andover was 9-9.

Returnees: Seniors, Kerri Widner (CF), Colleen Morest (RF) and Krissie Barton (SS); juniors, Karen Hay (P), Lisa Garrison (C), Amy Helm (1B), Tina Armstrong (3B) and Tonya Kolodziejski (LF); sophomores, Nicole Faulkner (2B) and Kristie Rhinehart (P).

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