Get your red hot Olympic ticketsFor those eager for...

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March 25, 1991

Get your red hot Olympic tickets

For those eager for tickets to the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, France, and Barcelona, Spain, you'll be able to place your orders sometime next month.

In the meantime, call Olson Travelworld, the exclusive ticket seller in the United States, at (800) 874-1992, to get on a mailing list to receive a ticket brochure and order form that will be sent out in April.

The order form will ask you to state a first and second ticket request for each day you plan to attend the Olympics. The ticket computer is set up so that if your first event request isn't available at the ticket price you wanted, it will look for the next cheapest ticket. If that's not available, it goes to your second choice of events.

Tastes great

According to eyewitnesses, Tom McVie, the coach of the New Jersey Devils, can do a trick that makes him the hit of any party. He can put three pucks in his mouth.

After removing his false teeth, of course.

Petty's number is up

Kyle Petty never thought of himself as superstitious before, but since his Winston Cup victory two weeks ago in Rockingham, N.C., he might be leaning that way.

Throughout race week, the number 42 -- Petty's car number -- kept popping up. Team owner Felix Sabates bought the crew sweat shirts and the bill came to $242.42. That night, Petty knocked over an ashtray during dinner and it landed upside down. The number 42 was written on the bottom.

Petty bought the ashtray and gave it to Sabates, who took it with him to the track where his car won in 4 hours, 2 minutes.

The quote

Golfer Jim Colbert, on reaching 50 and joining the Seniors tour: "It's been a lifetime ambition of mine to get older. I just wasn't in such a hurry."

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