AMONG 1991's calendar events is the 500th anniversary of...


March 25, 1991

AMONG 1991's calendar events is the 500th anniversary of the birth of Inigo de Loyola, a Basque who founded the Society of Jesus. For this, he was long ago awarded sainthood, as Ignatius Loyola.

During the ceremonial observances, there will be a tiny but important question.

For generations, the typographic custom has been to print (and write) it as St. Ignatius. But latterly, some have been spelling it out, as Saint.

Abbreviating is easy to overdo, but in an age of large type and reduced space, it's a saving. (And how pleasing is the visual ripple of St. Paul St.) Meanwhile, the opposing desire for pomp and pretense is ever-present; viz., on the old days' society pages, Dr. wouldn't do -- it had to be Doctor.

There are limits. The spell-it-out cult might perhaps get away with Mister, but what can be done about Mrs.?

We wait to see how they handle it in St. Louis, St. Paul, St. Petersburg and St. Mary's County.

* * *

THE LAST Oriole year at Memorial Stadium is going to be event enough by itself; yet, because that torrid romance between baseball and statistics goes on, an unrelated 1991 event also looms.

Some newcomer to the box scores (Davis, G.? Evans, D.? Robinson, J.? Mussina, M.?) is going to be the 500th modern-majors Oriole.

L At the close of business last fall, the roster stood at 496.

Can you, as an alert fan, call up first and last names for as many as 400 of these 1954-onward Orioles? 200? Dwight will be the first Evans, but who were our three earlier Davises, our four other Robinsons? How many of the nine managers can you name, the 39 coaches?

Arriving at the park on Opening Day next month, some fans will load up on beer and popcorn. Others, to feed the mind, will buy a copy of the new 1991 Orioles Media Guide, which answers these questions and many, many more.

* * *

WBJC and WJHU, Baltimore's leading public radio stations, are getting a little catty during their simultaneous fund-raising drives.

WJHU, the Johns Hopkins station, started things by the way it portrayed its new offer to have a tree planted in Yellowstone Park in the name of every $60 contributor. The offer was described as ecologically more desirable than getting another tote bag or coffee mug. So there!

WBJC, the outlet for the New Community College of Baltimore, happens to be offering a tote bag for $60 contributors. In apparent response to those would-be environmentalists at WJHU, it pointed out when members take their tote bags to the store to carry home groceries and whatever, they are not filling up landfills with paper and plastic bags. So there!

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