Dirt, Sweat And Trees

Readers write

March 24, 1991

From: Anne Pace

Anne Arundel County

Beautification coordinator

Last April, over 250 volunteer groups collected 2,614 tons of trash throughout Anne Arundel County during the seventh annual countywide Clean-up.

Anne Arundel County employees alone collected 12 tons of trash on a blighted hillside along Route 214 in Edgewater. Over 1,000 residents participated in the biannual household hazardous waste drop-off day by properly disposing of over 120,000 pounds of hazardous household products.

April 1991 should be no different. The eighth annual countywide clean-up is scheduled for April 20 (South County) and April 27 (North County), and household hazardous waste drop-off day will be on April 13.

As an extra attraction for April -- Beautification Month -- we've set a goal. Along with the State's Treemendous Program and the Chesapeake Clean-up Campaign, we will plant 100,000 seedlings countywide.

Thanks to Jerry Anthony of Westinghouse, a very generous volunteer and county resident, three major tree planting events are planned: April 13, Sandy Point and the Route 50 overpass; April 20, I-97 and Route 3; April 27, South County/Davidsonville area.

But Jerry Anthony can't plant these trees alone. Volunteer support is needed. Scout troops, youth organizations, churches, businesses, communities and civic groups -- wewon't turn anyone away.

A little dirt, a little sweat, a new tree can do wonders!

Call 222-1231 (County Beautification Program), 260-5901 (Jerry Anthony) or 974-3776 (State Treemendous Program) to join us.


From: Joseph "Zastrow" Simms


Let us turn this beginning of sorrow into a time of rejoicing. Dr. (Aris T. ) Allen died. Let us make "Dr. Allen died" the most telling phrase in Annapolis history. Let us make his memory live.

What I know is that a new regime has been born and it does not know Dr. Allen's name.

Dr. Allen is like Joseph in the Bible, who was sold by his brother yet became second in command of Pharaoh, looked up to and respected by all of Egypt.

Dr. Allen had humble beginnings.

He did not graduate from high school until his 23rd year, yet went on to become a physician who held appointed and elected office, and earned the respect of all, from the man on the street to the president of the United States.

Let us not be angry or disappointed in the decision of the Republican Central Committee, which does not know Dr. Allen's name. Let us rather rejoice in its decision because it gives us an opportunity to win a delegate seat, as Dr. Allen did in an open election, and not from the Central Republican Committee.

Some good has come from the committee's work. It has brought healing remarks from old soldiers, Robert Pascal and Joseph Alton Jr. It has reminded us of Abraham Lincoln's words: "The world will little note nor longer remember what we say here but it can never forget what they did here."

We will remember what the Committee "did here" as we get behind Dallas Evans and help him face the task of running for the Republican Party of John Chambers, Mrs. Bunny Sellman Jackson, Norwood Brown, Roscoe Parker and Aris T. Allen.

We will help Dallas remember what Dr. Aris Allen accomplished and show him how "knocked down" is not "knocked out" and how doors will open for him that no one can shut.

The black community will keep the memory of Dr. Allen alive as it works for Dallas Evans. We are no longer a race that only prays. We will watch as well as pray.

As we watch and pray, we will walk together, children; we will sing together, children; we will vote together, children!

We will make the life of Dr. Aris Allen and of the Republican Central Committee a blessed time to get together, behind the people's choice and they will know his name! Amen.


From: Kitty Dorsey

Severna Park

I read with astonishmentthe story of Anne Arundel County police Officer Michael Zeigler and his highly questionable on-duty activities. God help the female victims of crimes who Officer Zeigler "consoles."

Some questions were left unanswered. Please ask your reporters to find the answers:

Howcould higher-ups in the Police Department permit this officer to have contact with the public after more than a decade of misconduct? They are splitting hairs to claim that the officer was not dismissed when he had intercourse with a victim in 1979 simply because it may not have been rape. Do they condone this Romeo's on-duty self-gratification?

I would like to know who conducted the internal investigationson this officer and would like to see an independent, impartial review of the findings. It seems there is a pattern of shallow investigation and meaningless punishment for which those responsible for policing their own should be held to account.

In a second complaint against the officer, the police concede that he put his arm around a rapevictim and drew her close to him while he sat on her sofa. Is this proper police procedure? Thank God she pushed him away.

Who were the investigators and brass involved in letting him off this time with a slap on the wrist for "failing to take the victim's report?" He was obviously trying to cover his tracks. Don't the police see the danger in not treating the underlying problem?

Who will watch out for us?

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