Poem For The Troops

Readers write

March 24, 1991

From: Megan Gadsby


Fourth grade student

Glenelg Country School

With my hand onmy heart I do salute

With love in my heart as sweet as a flute

With "thanks" on my lips for those who defend,

With "thanks" on my lips for the helping hands lend

I'm so proud I let out great whoops

I just want to say thanks to the troops


From: Wanda Hurt


The principles of federalism on which this country was founded create a clear separation between the national, state and local levels of government. Our Republican elected officials either don't understand this or have forgotten it. They seem confused and don't know what offices they were elected to. As evidence of this, I refer to two recent pieces of legislation.

First,there was County Council member Darrel Drown's resolution to limit the term of Congress on the national level. Then there was the legislation introduced by State Delegates Martin Madden and John Morgan to control the ethics on the county level. This confusion was further pointed out by a letter from State Delegate Morgan concerning the county budget and attacking the local PTA.

Doesn't Delegate Morgan haveenough to do as he tries to learn about the state budget? Considering the lobbyist and PAC money in Annapolis, should Delegates Madden and Morgan be throwing stones at those on the county level? Wouldn't Councilman Drown's time be better spent working on the county budget rather than concerning himself with how long members of Congress shouldserve?

Both of these pieces of legislation were poorly conceived and failed to win support. They were the kind of attempts at political grandstanding that give politicians a bad name.

Howard County needs statesmen who will address the problems at the level of government to which they were elected. These Republicans need an old-fashionedcivics lesson.


From: Mary G. Kershner

Ellicott City

There has been a lot written lately about the subject of sex education in the Howard County schools, especially about the criticism of the revised ninth-grade sex education curriculum, by a group calling themselves the Concerned Citizens of Howard County.

I am writing to voice my support of a strong sex education curriculum in the schools.

Many parents are uncomfortable with talking to their kids about sex. Some parents avoid the topic and assume that the school system will help them. Other parents want to give sex information to their children but the children are too embarrassed to receive this information comfortably.

These kids find it more comfortable to receive information and ask questions about sexuality issues from atrusted person who is not so emotionally involved with them.

Family life teachers can give accurate information on sexuality issues ina comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere.

I know as a parent I am the one who has the primary responsibility for telling my kids about sex and I have no problem doing so, but there are those parents andstudents who could use all the help they can get.

The risks of our children not being informed are just too high these days!

Parental permission is needed to take family life education in the school, and all the information is open to parental review.

If the Concerned Citizens of Howard County do not like what is taught, then they should not sign the permission slip.

From personal experience, I cantell you that children are not ostracized or ridiculed for not participating in the program.

Personally, I do not want my children to be denied the right to information which could save their lives just because a few people are vocal and relentless in their criticism of sexuality education.

To show my support of a strong sex education curriculum, I have, in the past, volunteered to be on the family life advisory board in my children's school.

If you want a strong sex education curriculum you might want to do the same.

If we don't show our support, we may find the family life advisory boards stacked with Concerned Citizens of Howard County pushing their conservative agendas.

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