1991 Ncaa Final Four Indianapolis

March 22, 1991


* TOUGH TO PLEASE: Listen to Nevada-Las Vegas and you'd never believe it is 33-0 and riding a 17-point win into tomorrow's West Regional final. "We just haven't had great chemistry on defense," guard Greg Anthony said. "We're just a very average team now." Average?

* TALL TALE: Arizona had Brian Williams (6-10), center Sean Rooks (6-11) and off the bench, center Ed Stokes (7-0). Seton Hall responded with 6-10 Anthony Avent and, uh . . . Anthony Avent.

Guess what? The Pirates matched Arizona in rebounds, Avent neutralized the Wildcats' front line and it is Seton Hall who today stands tall heading into the West final.


* A NEW DAY: After averaging just 13 points in the last four games, Todd Day broke out with 31 points as Arkansas rolled past Alabama 93-70.

* A KNIGHTMARE: How did Bob Knight see Indiana's most lopsided defeat in the school's 56 NCAA tournament games? "We were much too tentative," he said. "Kansas was assertive and aggressive. And aggressiveness is a compatriot of confidence." Uh, thanks, Bob.


* GLAD TO SEE YOU: Opponents in last year's East Regional final, UConn coach Jim Calhoun passed Duke's Mike Krzyzewski during yesterday's Midwest semifinal practice and said, "We've got to keep meeting like this."


* CAUTIOUS KING: Don't tell top seed Carolina it has a Final Four berth locked up, or even a spot in the East finals. "Eastern Michigan is very talented," Tar Heels guard King Rice said. "I looked at the film and if we don't play well, we'll be in trouble."

* LIKE FATHER LIKE ...: Sean Sutton is glad he left Kentucky and took some time off when his father, Eddie, resigned as coach there. "I think the year off really helped me," the Oklahoma State guard said. "It recharged my batteries and gave me a chance to work on my jump shot. It's helped me get a better understanding of the game."

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