Teacher Is Outstanding

March 20, 1991

Kay Tippett, instrumental music teacher at West Middle, will be recognized at today's Board of Education meeting for receiving the Outstanding Music Teacher of the Year Award for the Western Region.

The award is given by the Maryland Music Educator's Association to a teacher who demonstrates a continuing effort to support and improve musiceducation. It was presented to Tippett at the association's 50th anniversary banquet March 2 in Ocean City.

Other teacher recognitions include three county educators who made presentations at the Maryland Council for Social Studies.

The teachers are:

* Margaret Kiracofe of Westminster Elementary, who spoke on "Integrated Social Studies in the Elementary School."

* Donna McKenzie of Mount Airy Elementary, who spoke on "An Integrated Adventure: Destination Antarctica."

* Bruce Damasio of Liberty High, who spoke on "The Japanese Economy -- Teaching Strategies."

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