Best actress: Kathy Bates

March 20, 1991

Kathy Bates, the all-too-attentive fan of writer James Caan in ''Misery,'' is the clear favorite for Best Actress among Evening Sun readers and other callers to Lou Cedrone's SUNDIAL Oscar Line. We'll know for sure when the Academy Awards are announced next Monday night.

Forty-four percent of the 196 respondents in a telephone survey conducted last Wednesday chose Bates, followed by Julia Roberts for ''Pretty Woman'' (30 percent), Joanne Woodward for ''Mr. & Mrs. Bridge'' (13 percent), Meryl Streep for ''Postcards From the Edge'' (7 percent) and Anjelica Huston for ''The Grifters'' (6 percent).

A solid 82 percent knew the answer to Lou's trivia question: What other movie earned Woodward a Best Actress Oscar? It was ''The Three Faces of Eve.''

There is still time to enter ''You vs. Lou,'' our fourth annual Academy Awards contest. An entry form will be published in Thursday's Evening Sun.

Entries must be postmarked no later than Sunday, March 24.

TOMORROW: Results of the telephone poll on who will win Best Actor.

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