Phone registration offered

March 20, 1991|By Leslie Cauley

Towson State University knows how to appeal to the touch-tone generation -- registration by phone.

Starting next month, Towson students can register for the spring semester by phone, making Towson State one of the first Maryland colleges to offer touch-tone registration, said Kathy Williams, a Towson State spokeswoman.

The system works like this: Students are given a phone-in time to register. By dialing a number, students are connected to an automated voice system that guides callers through the registration process.

The system alerts students when courses are full and automatically offers alternatives.

When the system was unveiled last fall, about one-third of Towson's student body chose to register by phone, Ms. Williams said. School officials are expecting phone-in registrations to increase this spring.

School officials say they have made adjustments to the system since last fall's trial run.

While the phone-in system is a great way for students to avoid having to brave bad weather and long lines at the registrar's office, it won't do away with another nagging fact of college life: paying tuition on time.

Brochures explaining the phone-in system warn students that missing the payment deadline "will result in deletion of your schedule."

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