Bo's injuries

March 19, 1991

* 1984 season -- Missed half his junior year with Auburn because of a shoulder injury.

* 1985 season -- Sustained a deep thigh bruise and missed the second half of Auburn's 14-10 loss to Florida.

* May 31, 1988 -- Tore left hamstring while running out a groundout at Cleveland. Did not return to action until July 2 (missed approximately 29 games).

* July 26, 1989 -- Placed on the 15-day disabled list with a pulled quadricep muscle in his left leg.

* July 17, 1990 -- Sustained a subluxation that resulted in minor tissue damage in his left shoulder while attempting a diving catch on a ball hit by Deion Sanders of the New York Yankees. Spent from July 18 to Aug. 25 on the 21-day disabled list.

* Jan. 13, 1991 -- Sustained a fracture-dislocation of his left hip in the Los Angeles Raiders' NFL playoff game on Jan. 13, has resulted in cartilage damage in the hip socket.

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