Psychic Called In To Search For Missing Elkridge Woman

Jarrett, 34, Left Home Jan. 3 And Hasn't Been Seen Since

March 17, 1991|By Michael James | Michael James,Staff writer

County police and an Elkridge neighborhood have turned to a psychic in an effort to locate a woman who mysteriously dropped out of sight 10 weeks ago.

Missing is Christine Ann Jarrett, 34, a housewife who walked out of her home Jan. 3 after kissing her two young sons goodnight. Police say Jarrett hasn't been heard from since, and it is unknown whether she simply left the area or met with foul play.

On the night she was last seen, she left with a large sum of money amid brewing domestic trouble at her home.

But for Jarrett's friends in her Claire Drive neighborhood, it doesn't seem likely that a devoted mother would leave her children behind.

"Her world was herfamily and her neighborhood. There's got to be an answer," said Cindy Fryer, one of Jarrett's closest friends. "We've all had nightmares and sleepless nights over this. Something must have happened to Chris."

In an attempt to find out what, her friends have hired local psychic Nancy Fox of Linthicum to offer supernatural insight. County police, at a loss to explain Jarrett's whereabouts, say they have run out of leads and expect to contact police agencies in southern Pennsylvania, where the psychic claims clues in the Jarrett case may be found.

Fox, an expert in psychic phenomenon, said she also provided police with a name of a possible contact who may know something about Jarrett's disappearance.

For now, investigators remain in the dark about what happened to Jarrett, who left behind her husband, Robert, her 5- and 11-year-old sons and all her belongings.

Jarrett put her sons to bed shortly before 10 p.m. on Jan. 3, a Thursday. Sometime within the next two hours, after her husband fell asleep, she left the house and walked out of their rural neighborhood, said county police Detective Stephen R. Greisz.

No cab companies were called to thearea that evening, indicating that Jarrett "just walked away," Greisz said. She was last seen wearing black dress shoes, black stretch pants and a blue-and-white hooded jacket.

Some clues suggest that Jarrett is a runaway. Police believe she left her home that evening with approximately $4,000 in cash, which she withdrew from her bank account two weeks earlier.

Greisz said Jarrett also had made remarks in recent months about "leaving for good to a place where no one wouldever find me," in reference to domestic problems she was having.

However, Greisz and Jarrett's neighbors say those problems were not severe and did not seem to dictate her running away from her children,with whom she was extremely close, they say.

Her oldest son celebrated his 11th birthday on Friday , with no word from his mother.

"I'm just worried that maybe she decided to leave the house for a fewdays and, with such a large amount of money on hand, got involved with the wrong kind of person," Greisz said. "Sometimes runaways meet up with trouble on the road, and that could have happened here."

Greisz said no other movement has been recorded on Jarrett's bank account and she has not contacted any family or friends, not even during her father's recent stay at a hospital, where he underwent a serious operation.

Jarrett also had $6,400 available on her credit card when she left in early January, but that card has not been used, police say.

Robert Jarrett, a plumbing and heating technician who has been married to Jarrett for 16 years, said his wife had been "upset and under a lot of pressure" since her mother died in 1989. On the home front, he and his wife had been having some domestic problems, but "nothing to justify running away and never coming back," he said.

"She did make remarks sometimes that she might leave, but I think it was more like a frustration thing," he said. "I don't think she'd just leave. It's hurting us."

Fox has described to police strange images of Jarrett going willingly into a light-blue car with an unidentified man, Greisz said. Local police in some Pennsylvania jurisdictions will be contacted, he said, on the off chance that the psychic may have pinpointed a source of information.

"At this point, we've got nowhere else to go," Greisz said.

Denise Trotta, another of Jarrett's neighborhood friends, said she believes Jarrett -- who she describes as "being a little temperamental at times" -- decided to leave behind her family pressures for a few days or weeks.

"She may have just been upset and decided to leave for a little while," Trotta said. "But somewhere along the line, something must have happened. Absolutely, 100 percent, no way would she just leave and never come back."

Robert Jarrett has begun legal proceedings to gain custody of the couple's two children. Her friends say that Jarrett would not wait idlywhile her children were removed from her legal custody.

Neighborhood residents say that the mood of the street has become "spooky" andmany of Jarrett's friends are visibly upset over her unexplained disappearance, said Laura Prophet, another Claire Drive resident.

"The whole street knows she's missing, and we're all very sad about it,"Prophet said. "Then, to hear that the psychic didn't have a lot of encouraging things to say makes it even harder."

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