Gypsy Moths To Be Sprayed By County, State

March 17, 1991

The state and county gypsy moth spray coordinators have released thelist of communities they plan to treat in their separate -- but jointly coordinated -- aerial spraying programs.

The state program, sponsored by the Maryland Department of Agriculture, is free. But communities on the county list will have to pay the price of the spraying,while the county picks up the tab for the pesticide. Last year, community organizations were charged $13.33 per acre.

Notices will be sent out to community spray coordinators in the next week, informing them exactly how much the program will cost. The bills must be paid by April 19.

Spraying will begin in late April or early May, depending on the weather, as the gypsy moth caterpillars begin to hatch. Except where noted in parentheses, the communities listed here will be sprayed with the pesticide bacillus thuringensis.County coordinator Richard Olsen said the county will be doubling the dosage of Bt it sprays this year to increase effectiveness. The county is spraying exclusively with Bt while the state is spraying inland areas with the chemical, Dimilin.

Admiral Heights -- state, county; Anne Arundel Community College -- county; Arbutus -- county; Arden Civic -- county; Arrowhead Farms -- county; Arden-Arlington Echo --state; Arundel Beach -- county; Arundel Plaza -- county; Arundel View -- county; Aspen Park -- state; Aurora Hills -- county.

Back Creek -- county; Bay Highlands -- county; Bayberry -- county; Bayberry Hill -- county; Barrington Manor -- state (Dimilin); Beachwood Forest -- state; Belhaven Beach -- state; Belvoir Farm -- county; Berrywood -- county; Berrywood South -- county; Bittersweet -- county; Blackhole Creek -- county; Blue Waters Farm -- county; Bon Haven -- county; Boulevard Park -- state (Dimilin); Breezewood -- county; Bretton Woods-- county; Briarwood -- county; Brightwood -- county; Broad Creek --county; Brockbridge -- county; Brookfield -- state; Browns Pond -- county; Browns Woods -- state; Burley Creek -- county; Bywater -- county.

Camp Woodlands -- state; Campus Green -- county; Cape Arthur -- county; Cape McKinsey -- county; Cape St. Claire 1 -- county; Cape St. Clair 2 --county; Cape St. John -- county; Cape Sable -- state; Carriage Hills -- county; Carrollton Manor -- state; Cecil Avenue N. -- county; Cedar Point -- county; Cedarwood Cove -- county; Chartwood -- county; Chasewood -- county; Chelsea Beach North -- state (Dimilin); Chelsea Beach South -- state; Chesterfield -- county; Chestnut Hill Cove -- county; Clarence Avenue -- county; Colchester on Severn -- county; Colonial Beach -- state; Colonial Green -- state; Col. Stat/Hunts Pt. -- county; County Place -- county; Crain West -- county; Cranberry Woods -- county; Crofton Civic -- county; Crofton View Farms -- county; Cypress Creek -- county.

Dales Home Owners -- county; Davidsonville -- county; Delmont -- county; Downs -- county; Dreams Landing -- state; Duntons Inglehart -- county; East Earleigh Heights -- county; Edgewater Beach -- state, county; Elmhurst -- county; Elmhurst Ridge -- state (Dimilin); Elvaton Acres -- state (Dimilin); Elvaton1 -- county; Elvaton 2 -- county; Epping Famrs -- county; Evergreen Estates -- county.

Fair Oaks -- county; Ferry Farms -- county; Forest Glen -- state; Fox Chase -- county; Gerard Plaza -- county; Gingerville -- state, county; Gingerville Woods -- county; Glen Burnie 1 -- County; Glen Burnie 2 -- county; Glen Burnie 3 -- county; Glen Burnie 5 -- county; Glen Isle -- county; Glenbrook -- county; Greater Odenton -- county; Green Gables -- county; Green Haven -- state and county; Green Hill Manor -- state (Dimilin).

Hambleton -- county; Hammond Park -- county; Harmons -- county; Harness Creek -- county; Hammond Park -- county; Herald Harbor -- state and county; Heritage -- county; Heritage Harbor -- county; High Point -- county; Hillcrest -- county; Hillsmere -- county; Holy Grove -- county; Holly Grove -- county; Holly Point -- county; Hollywood -- state; Homeland Park -- county; Huntington Park -- county Indian Landing -- county; Huntington Woods -- county; Indian Landing -- county; Indian Village -- state.

Jessup/Miller -- county; Jessup/Yousa -- county; Kalmia -- county; Kensington -- county; Kilmarnock -- county; Kingston Estates -- state; KOA Capital -- county; Lakeshore -- State (Dimilin); Lake Shore Park --state; Lakewood Place -- state; Laurel Acres -- state; Lavall -- county; Lindamore -- State; Lock Haven -- county; Long Point -- state and county; Lourds Manor -- state; Lower Magothy Beach -- county; Luce Creek -- state.

Magothy Forge -- state (Dimilin); Manhattan Beach -- county; Maple Ridge -- county; Maritime Institute -- county; Martins Cove Farm -- county; Md Health Soc.-- county; Milburn Club -- county; Morgan Purchase -- county; N. Cape Arthur -- county; N. Severna Park -- county; N. Shore Association --county; North River Forest -- county; Northwood Estates -- county; Norwich Acres -- state.

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