Late Snow Hits County

March 17, 1991

A late winter storm, with the potential of dumping about a foot of snow on the county, hit the area Wednesday and lingered through Thursday.

"The snow was Mother Nature's last shot for this season," saidLarry Myers, area weather forecaster. "It could have been a bad one,too."

Carried here by winds from the northeast, forecasters expected a heavy accumulation, he said.

"We get some of our biggest storms from that direction," said Myers.

Rising temperatures made all the difference, he said.

As the snow began late Wednesday morning, temperatures remained below freezing.

The brunt of the snowfall did not occur until Thursday, when rising temperatures warmed the ground surface and melted the snow.

At 10 p.m. Wednesday, Myers measured 1.3 inches. About 3 inches of snow fell all day Thursday, but temperatures never dipped below 33 degrees.

"Although we saw falling snow all day, there was minimal ground accumulation," he said.

Late snowstorms occur frequently here, Myers said. He added that on the same date last year, the county enjoyed a record 80 degrees and sunshine.

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