A Pool For All Seasons

March 17, 1991

IF SUMMER'S TOO SHORT, THE SWIMMING SEASON CAN be stretched to year-round with an all-season pool. This contemporary pool, designed by Art and Architectural Design and built by Maryland Pools, is surrounded by sliding glass doors, which may be opened in summer to allow breezes to waft through the area.

The pool was fitted with a Desert Air System, which removes humidity from the interior and places it on the exterior of the home in the form of water runoff. The system protects the home from mildew and other damaging elements that would otherwise be generated by the terrariumlike conditions created by an indoor pool.

In the home, care was taken to allow a graceful transition from pool to living area. This was made possible through the use of unifying stone flooring around the pool as well as in the public rooms of the house.

According to project architect Lee Driskill, building an indoor pool costs the same as an outdoor pool from the view of the pool company. However, the cost differences show up in the structure housing the pool.

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