Survival Technology Inc.The Bethesda-based company that...


March 16, 1991

Survival Technology Inc.

The Bethesda-based company that supplies nerve-gas antidote to the Defense Department said that the Persian Gulf war helped to boost its second-quarter profits by more than 250 percent.

The company said that it expects to complete delivery of all of its current orders from the Pentagon by May. Management expects to get new orders as the Defense Department moves to replenish supplies used during the conflict.

Survival Technology doesn't make the nerve-gas antidote itself; the company makes the "auto-injector" that is filled with the antidote and used to administer it.

The company also makes syringe systems for drugs that have nothing to do with the military.

It said that its revenue from private contracts in the first half of its fiscal year has almost equaled commercial revenue from all of fiscal 1990.

Pentagon contracts have accounted for about 45 percent of the company's revenue over the first half of its fiscal year, which ends in July.

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