Sayers speaks out against drugsA recent national symposium...

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March 15, 1991

Sayers speaks out against drugs

A recent national symposium on "Athletes as Role Models" in Chicago turned up one indisputable fact. Ex-Chicago Bears great Gale Sayers takes a hard stance on drug abuse.

When the subject of Len Bias, an ex-Maryland basketball player who died of an overdose several years ago, was broached, Sayers had this to say: "Len Bias knew what he was doing. Every year, the NCAA comes out and speaks about drugs. Every year, the NBA comes out and speaks about drugs. I don't have sympathy for Len Bias. I have sympathy for his parents."

Sayers said he favors lifetime banishment from a pro sport for first-time conviction in drug-related cases. "One time," he said. "I guarantee you it'll stop."

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