Budget debate continues for Office of Sports Promotion

March 14, 1991|By Sandra McKee

The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee did a little creative cutting and redistributing yesterday, during its hearing on subcommittee recommended cuts to the state Office of Sports Promotion, a program of the Maryland Department of Economic and Employment Development.

The Senate budget committee voted to cut another $50,000 from the $75,000 recommended for the Maryland State Games and then put that $50,000 into the main account of the Office of Sports Promotion budget.

The original recommendation from the subcommittee was to cut the requested OSP budget from $769,000, an amount that included $250,000 for the Maryland State Games, by $300,000.

Now, the Senate budget committee recommendation brings the OSP operating funds to $288,500, up from the original recommendation of $238,500. It is this proposal that is expected to be voted on Monday night by the full Senate. If the Senate approves the cuts, the legislation will be sent to a conference committee, composed of House and Senate members, to come to some compromise agreement.

The House already has voted to cut only $125,000 from State Games and left the OSP's remaining request for $664,000 intact.

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