After 6 Years, Another 200 Game


'A Little Extra Luck' Brings Duckpinscore

March 14, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

Six years is a long time between 200 games, but Carl Files Jr. says it won't be that long before he throws another one.

Files, who hasbeen bowling duckpins since he was 10 years old, six years ago shot a 230 game at Riviera Bowl. A few weeks ago, he threw a 204 game in the Southwest Men's House Majors that was the foundation for a 447 series.

"I just had a little extra luck" is the way that Files explained his second 200 game.

Well, yeah, but a good first ball helps a lot. Files lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Angela, who bowls tenpinsand works in data entry for Data Controls in Odenton. He bowls in a Friday league with his mother, Ann Files, at Riviera Bowl in additionto the Southwest Fair Lanes League.

Files isn't the only duck-pinner who's having a good season. Larry and Chuck Davis, father and son, respectively, are going great guns in the Sun Valley Mixed League at Riviera Bowl.

Larry and Chuck both bowl for the Road Runners team and last month Larry had a 155 game with a 432 series. Since Larry carries a 109 average, that 432 series was a career high -- that's 100 pins over his average set. Larry has only been bowling about four years, since he retired from his truck-driving job.

"I love it," Larry said. "I really love duckpins."

He did admit that his wife, Ella Mae, who carries a 105 average for the same Road Runners team, sometimes beats him on the lanes, but he says he still "loves it."

Chuck lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Melissa, drives a truck, and carries about a 130 average. In February he shot a 171 game and a 454series in the Sun Valley Mixed League, good enough to be Bowler of the Month along with his dad and Bob Evans Jr. Evans bowls for the Simpson team and had a 146 game with a 421 set.

Laura Heiland and Vickie Shade split the Bowler of the Month for the women. Heiland, bowling on the Nickel and Dime team, had a 148 game with a 413 set. Shade,a member of the Ballbusters team, shot a 136 with a 386 set.

The following youngsters were Bowlers of the Month in the Saturday morning youth leagues at Riviera Bowl:

* Rachel Cyford, 4, and Jennifer Bartch, 5, shot games of 75.

* Carl Files III, 5, had an 82 game.

* Laura Baker had a two-game set of 195, and Danielle Dagett had atwo-game set of 186 in the 6-9 age group.

* In the boys 6-9 age group, Chris Wolf had a two-game set of 208, and Mike Jungeshold had a204 set.

* In the Bantam Division, 10-12, Valerie Walker had a three-game set of 299, and Tabitha Simmons had a 298 series. Both youngsters bowl for the Sun Valley Broncos.

* The Bantam boys had ChrisCyford shooting games of 107, 123, 129 for a blockbuster 359 series.T. J. Cyford had a 302 series.

* Two girls in the 13-and-up division, Margaret Evan and Jamie Kohrn, had a great February. Margaret threw games of 102, 144, 118 for a great 364 series. Jamie had games of103, 135, 120 for a 358 set.

* In the boys 13-and-up division, Mitch Schouter had games of 101, 113, 142 for a sweet series of 356. Don Harrison had a 353 set consisting of 130, 97, 126.

In the Southwest Fair Lanes Men's House Majors, Larry Vandervort, Mike Fritz and Rick Stanson shared Bowler of the Month honors with Carl Files Jr.

Stanson of the Stanson Team had two great sets, 473 and 467, built ongames of 174 and 172.

Fritz threw a 181 game as the foundation tohis 422 series.

Vandervort shot a 185 game and 464 series. A testengineer with Westinghouse, he lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Terry, and his five children, Carrie Kiessling, 12, Chuck Kiessling, 10, Chrissie Kiessling, 6, Tracy Vandervort, 10, and Brian Vandervort,7. The only non-bowler is Tracy; the other youngsters bowl in the Saturday morning youth duckpin leagues at Southwest Fair Lanes, where their dad is in his first year as youth coach.

Larry carries a 133 average and has a career-high game of 237 and high set of 514.

"I really enjoy bowling, always have, always will," Larry said, "but a little of the fun goes out of it sometime when people resent the fact that you may bowl better than they do. I wish that there was something I could do to change that."


The Carrolltown Manor League atSeverna Park Lanes lost one of its good people last week. Mary Serio, who had retired after 17 years with the State Board of Education, died of leukemia. She will be missed.

As she would have wished, theleague continues to roll along with fine scores being recorded on March 5.

The Sosnowskis -- Lee, his brother, Doc, and his nephew, Joe -- all had good nights. They bowl on different teams. Doc shot a 396 set; Joe had a 441 set and Lee had a 411 series.

Herb Cantrell had games of 151, 156, 150 for a fine 457 series.

Kelly Reightler led the women with games of 141, 122 and 125.

The Woodchoppers teamposted a 1774 series with games of 574, 600, 600.


Mona Stark, bowling at Fair Lanes Southdale, had her best career series in the Saturday Nite Live League.

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