The wars at home

March 13, 1991|By Delaware County Daily Times, Primos, Pa.

THE SIX-MONTH diversion of war is over. The president can't afford to spend much time basking in the glow of his success. It's time to get down to the business of tackling what ails the country.

There are schools of thought that maintain that nothing boosts a nation's economy like a good ol' war victory. So the economy may be on the rebound soon. Already economic indicators suggest a short and shallow recession.

But the war -- if anything -- has a negative impact on most other domestic problems. The plight of the homeless is no better off, nor are the problems of drugs and joblessness. If Bush threw as much effort into these wars at home, he could wipe them out as quickly and effectively as the U.S.-led allied forces eradicated Saddam's elite Republican Guard. Time's a-wastin', Mr. President.

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