Movement of low-pressure systems will determine level of precipitation.


March 12, 1991

An approaching late-winter storm threatens to dump snow tomorrow on Maryland's early spring flowers.

"There's still a lot of ifs and buts about how much, depending on what track the low takes," said Ken Shaver, a National Weather Service forecaster at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

But an all-day snow was thought likely from Baltimore to the north and west, beginning before dawn. The chance of snow was 70 percent. Mixed precipitation was likely south and east of the city.

If a secondary low forms off the coast, a "substantial snowfall" is possible, forecasters said.

"It looks like a fun day tomorrow," Shaver said.

The storm system was swirling today around a low pressure system moving eastward from the central Midwestern states. It was expected to bring snow to the Baltimore region sometime before dawn.

"It looks like kind of an all-day event, tapering off by evening," Shaver said.

"The biggest 'if' now is, if we get a low developing along the coast in addition to the low coming in from the west, we'll get a little bit more significant snowfall."

"I don't think we're talking about a foot of snow, but if we get a coastal low developing, we'll get more cold in here, and more moisture. But once again, it depends on where it develops," he said.

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