Mayor's request to redraw districts angers council

March 12, 1991|By Martin C. Evans

Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke asked the City Council yesterday to consider an amendment to his already controversial proposal for changes to the city's councilmanic district lines, one that would shift Ridgely's Delight from the 6th District to the 1st District.

The request angered council representatives from both districts, who said they had not been warned that the mayor would be proposing still another example of what has been an unpopular course of action -- that of shifting a neighborhood from one district to another.

"You didn't hear any compaints from Ridgely's Delight because no one there knows anything about it," snapped councilman Timothy B. Murphy, D-6th.

The shift, which would increase the population in the 1st District by 1,049 people, is needed to ensure that the population in all of the districts created under the mayor's plan are within 10 percent of each other, according to Richard Krummerich, an aide to the mayor.

Districts are required to be roughly equal in population to fulfill the constitutional mandate of one man-one vote.

Council members already were angry over what they have said has been a refusal by the Schmoke administration to interpret population data based on the U.S. Census, which the administration forwarded to the council in late February. Members of the council, which has until March 28 to pass a redistricting bill, have said they need the administration's cooperation to make sure they are interpreting the census figures the same way the administration is.

Yesterday, members of various neighborhoods, including Ten Hills, asked the council not to heed the mayor's suggestions for new district lines, saying they prefer to remain in the districts they are part of now. The mayor's earlier proposal to shift Bolton Hill from the second to the fourth district has drawn strong opposition.

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